Review By Grace Purvis 

Sunshine Coast based band, Fight Ibis have just released a new tune that provides nothing short of a banger to groove to. The band, which is known for its mixture of relaxed funk jazz, with hints of alternative rock and psyche funk have released their new single ‘Rabbit Tide’ in December. ‘Rabbit Tide’ has a mellow vibe throughout the whole song being accompanied with simple but catchy lyrics. This is the kind of song that’ll get you up dancing and having a boogie with some pals. “Rabbit Tide” is now available on streaming services and is definitely worth a listen!


2017 was a big year of growth, opportunity and new music for Fight Ibis after the band won a spot at the Big Pineapple festival earlier this year with their much-loved and appraised single ‘Dorothy Deadleg’. They played along-side some big names including, Hockey Dad and The Growlers. The band continues to grow and produce more music and have killer live performances.


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