REVIEW: Lycanthrope – Like A Ghost

Review By Josh Prosser
The delusional belief that one has the ability to transform into another form of being becomes something that is far from delusional upon listening to lycanthrope’s latest single “Like A Ghost”. The song marks a new level for a band that has gone through a lot of changes over the past six years. The brutal intracity behind the pulsating groove carries with it a melody that is guaranteed to capture the attention of anyone with an ear for something pure.
Located on the central coast of NSW, Lycanthrope have already proven their worth amongst their local scene,and with their latest EP “Chapters” due to be released in the new year,”Like A Ghost” is a very positive taste of things to come. The song packs power and attitude and has also managed to deliver a message that I think the majority of listeners will understand and benefit from.
“Like A Ghost” is available now with their upcoming EP “Chapters” due to be released early in the new year. But don’t stress! Because their 2012 EP “Limitless” and their 2015 release “Revival” are still available and can be absorbed in their entirety until then. So instead of listening to the same old music that you’ve been listening to for god knows how long, throw on some Lycanthrope and prepare for the awakening that you’ve been waiting for all these years.
I dare ya…

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