INTERVIEW : The Desperation

Brisbane’s solo act The Desperation is currently on their No More Sad Songs acoustic tour and is hitting the Solbar next Thursday (The 14th) which will no doubtably be an awesome show to see! You can can check out his new music video below! We caught up with Dan and had a chat about what to expect on his tour! 




Dan, you just dropped your new song “No More Sad Songs” about a month ago and it’s an anthem for the socially anxious people. How did the idea of hat song come about?


This Song was my own social anxiety and how no matter how exciting or big an event might be I constantly find myself more excited at the thought of the end of the night and going home and being myself again. Its a shit of a thing and it makes it very hard to look forward to anything! So I thought hey lets write an up beat pop punk song about it! haha.

How keen are you to play at Solbar on the 14th and what can you fans expect from your show?

Sooo stoked to play Solbar again! I’ve played there many times over the years in various bands and it’s always been the best vibe and the raddest crowds.  This tour is stripped back acoustic version of the songs with my mate Enrico from Rico & The Fortuners also playing. Fans can expect drunken sing alongs around the camp fire and tales of times gone by! This Show is especially rad cuz Guttermouth are headlining in the main room after us!

What’s install for you musically next year? New music or more touring?

I’m working so hard right now on getting the rest of the album recorded. Next year brings another couple of singles, the album which I’ve titled “Rangeville” and forming the full band so we can start playing some rad shows and tour when the finally comes!

I’m 90 percent sure I saw you a few years ago at the Time Machine in Nambour and for the life of me I cant remember the name of the band! What do you prefer? Playing Solo or with the band?

Great Memory Mate! My old band The Strums supported The Bennies @ The Time Machine and it was amazing! I’d love to play there again actually! Playing with a band is definitely more exciting and energetic but doing solo stuff has its own vibe and I’m loving that too.. but i can’t wait to play The Desperation songs as a full band as they were all written full punk band songs and that’s where they really come alive.

Whats Your favourite venue in Australia?

Thats a hard one.. there are so many now but for pure punk rock mayhem and good times you can’t go past the Crowbar and Crowbar Black, Denis and the crew @crowbar are next level legends.

Your trapped on an island and can only listen to one album for the rest of your life, what is it and why?

Wow that is hard… So many albums that I think I could listen to forever but probably couldn’t… I think i’l go with “No Use For Names – More Betterness”

What Aussie acts are you frothing at the moment?

I Love Luca Brassie, Bodyjar, The Hard Aches, Rico & The Fortuners, The Way We Were.. so many more!

If yo could form one super group and tour the world who do you pick and why??

Gordy from Frenzal on drums (he’s soon tight and on the money), Matt  Freeman from Rancid on Bass ( There is no better Bass sound in Punk Rock) , Jack from Bayside on lead guitar ( best melodic punk solos and lead) and Chad Gilbert on guitar and backing vocals (seems fun and rad on stage) and then just me on vocals looking like stunned mullet watching all these super legends kill it while I drool on the Mic! 







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