Review : Hotel Escobar – The King Is Dead

Brisbane hard rockers Hotel Escobar have just dropped their new single “The King is Dead” and let me just say “spoiler alert” its an absolute banger! For me this track kind of sounds like a early thrashy Anthrax at times and I can definitely get behind that! Recorded at infamous Wagwurst studios where a lot of local artist seem to be recording at such as New Clear Vision, you can definitely hear the high production in this track!

With catchy riffs that you will be humming all week, Hotel Escobar hit you with everything they got in this new song. I can totally see myself driving down the highway with the volume on max playing this song! Notable mention on this track is the drummer! Holy crap he is smashing out every tune in spectacular fashion. Great to see this band putting some thought and process into the thrashy sound and not just chucking something together last minute.  Stay keen everyone though cause Hotel Escobar plan on dropping one more song before the year is out and we can’t wait!

“We’re stoked after comin back from hiatus to have shared the stage with some rad local artists amognst the Brissy scene and getting in at Wagwurst Studios to deliver a release by end of year. These High Grade demos signify a bit of a taste of what’s to come for 2018, stay tuned for the second tune + clip before the year’s out!”


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