Review : If You See Kay – Bakers Eddy

If You See Kay
Review by Josh Prosser
If you see Kay. It’s the new single by Melbourne punk rockers “Bakers Eddy”.The song “If You See Kay”is available now and will be part of their upcoming EP which is due out early next year. I must admit that I had never heard of these guys before listening to this track, now I love it. The band moved from Wellington to Melbourne at the end of last year and basically wrote fifty songs. Then they went through and picked out five and headed into the studio to record.
The song packs a lot of attitude behind it with its gritty sound and rowdy vocals. The catchy bass lines going on in the verses really enhance the feel of it all as well. It is hard to not feel good when listening to ” Bakers Eddy “. Its just awesome catchy,straight up punk rock delivered in such a way that most people will find themselves getting into it whether they know it or not. The band will be heading up to NSW to play a couple shows off the back of their new single this month. You can catch them at Hamilton Station,NSW December 15th and then at The Record Crate in Sydney on the 16th. Check out ” If You See Kay ” and “Jack Shit For You”.
Review by Josh Prosser

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