Interview : Chakra Efendi

We had the pleasure of interviewing up and coming singer song writer and band Chakra Efendi right after he hit the Brisbane leg of Gizzfest!

Chakra, we noticed you got on the line up for the Brisbane leg of Gizz fest! How was it and how much did that boost your confidence?

Yeah, it was a good time, we played the ‘Loaded Hut’ which was a tiny shipping container, it was raining constantly also, so that kind of brought in people seeking shelter. I don’t think anything about the festival really boosted my confidence, although it was great to be apart of such a stellar lineup! I got pretty drunk and jumped into a dress to play tambourine for Voiid’s set, I was VERY confident for that

What are your plans for 2018? New music or more touring?

Hopefully will be releasing a couple of singles and an EP, going into the studio in a couple of weeks to record that, no plans on touring but definitely new music, finally releasing something that isn’t a fucking soundcloud demo haha

Where can your fans catch you next?

We’ll be supporting VACATIONS at Barbara in Brisbane on the 7th of December and playing The Flamin’ Galah’s 1st bday bash with Miss Blanks and some other beautiful Brisbane acts on the 8th

Your trapped on an island with only one album for the rest of your life, what is it and why?

Fuck, I don’t know… either Bad Vibes by Shlohmo or 6 Feet Beneath the Moon by King Krule, that shit molded me man, i’d have to flip a coin, i’m a very indecisive person

Are you digging any Sunnycoast /Brisbane acts at the moment?

Hell yeah pimp! we got some of the best music coming out of Aus at the moment, off the top of my head i’d have to say Good Boy, Sweater Curse, Emerson Snowe, The Gametes, Lying Down, and Felivand.

Do you have any special routines / rituals before a show?

I’m a pretty scummy guy so i usually just smoke a cigarette and down a drink or two with the band, i’d like to do something energizing  like sit ups or whatever, but what’s the point?



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