Interview : Fan Girl

Bradman Wilson had the pleasure of interviewing Melbourne band Fan Girl!

You guys have had a lot of success lately, selling out shows and touring with British India, what comes next for you guys?

You can expect a few more support slots, a headlining show in December, our debut album and a bunch of gigs early next year and a sprinkling of new tracks out very soon.

Disappear has done been reviewed by Triple J’s Dom Alessio, how did that feel when you found out?

Yeah great! Dom is such a strong advocate for upcoming Australian musicians. So to have his support means a lot. We also follow him on instagram and he seems like a completely adorable man.

The debut album is coming soon, how would you describe its sound or vibe in three words?

Colourful, chaotic and chips (we really like chips).

How do you guys separate yourselves and your brand from the rest of rock music?

We take what we do really seriously, but we don’t take ourselves that seriously.

There’s six of you guys, talk us through the creative processes you go through. Are there any roadblocks due to the numbers?

The songs are written and recorded by 3 of us (Jack, Noah and Vince) and then the uber talented live band expand on those ideas and make them loud and confident.

The 2 sides of the music feed off and inform each other, and we are really lucky to have built up a band full of great musical minds. The only roadblock that comes to mind is finding accommodation for the band + crew. There is lots of sleeping on the floor (and inevitable future courtroom OH&S disputes).

What are some key influences on your music?

Films and good food and life experience and friends and other local artists. Musically, anyone from David Bowie to Ecca Vandal.


You’ve got some spins on Triple J despite having only been together for such a short time, what did it feel like to have such a quick introduction into the industry this year?

It’s been amazing that we’ve been accepted into the hearts of so many, so quickly. We have no idea why it’s happened. We have been really lucky to have been thrown in the deep end, and had so many incredible people show us how to swim. We are pretty good at swimming now (although we totally still struggle with butterfly). We can’t put into words how thankful we are for everyone that has helped us this past year.

You guys are all good mates, how does your chemistry translate to your music, especially your live shows?

We all basically work our jobs and play music. That’s all we do and how we spend our time. We pretty much only see each other. We’re obnoxiously close. So you can imagine there’s layers and layers of inside jokes onstage and off. When we play a show it’s like a reward and a release that we get to share with our closest friends. If you watch us play, it is pretty obviously that we’re having the best time.

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