REVIEW: Dumbsaint – Another Scene

For a band that was formed in 2009,”Dumbsaint” have been moving and evolving with an unstoppable momentum second to none. Hailing from Sydney, “Dumbsaint” have released two full length studio albums, one studio recorded single,a trilogy of independently recorded EPs and have also released three DVDs.
Their latest EP,which was primarily written whilst the band was on the road touring Europe,was released earlier this month on November 4th. The self recorded EP is titled “Another Scene” and contains two tracks titled “Another Scene” and “Ghoul”. Now the term “Dumbsaint” is taken from a list of thirty guidelines written by one of my all time favourite writers/poets “Jack Kerouac”. The list was sent in a 1958 letter to Donald Allen and was published in heaven and other poems by grey fox press that same year. ” Be crazy dumbsaint of the mind”. How cool is that!!
Nick Andrews- Drums
Brendan Sloan-Guitar
James Thomas-Bass
Mike Tokar-Guitar
After listening to “Another Scene” and “Ghoul” it is hard to not be swept away on a journey of suspense which seems to create a very atmospheric feel that is saturated by the ambient,prog-rock sound that we have come to expect from these guys. “Dumbsaint” have always pushed the boundaries by exploring the dynamic interactions between sound and image,featuring film work that is written, shot and edited entirely by the band itself.
With the screen acting as a fifth member in this instrumental band from Sydney,it is no surprise that their 2016 release “Panorama” album and film were inducted into the Australian national film and sound archive. The second track “Ghoul” explores some very cool eastern sounding qualities but still manages to somehow stay true to what has become the “Dumbsaint” sound.
As for now the band have just finished their Australian tour,playing five shows in five different cities,so they are taking some well deserved time off to recover and work on getting some new material together.
Until then be sure to check out “Another Scene”.
Light a candle,dim the lights then draw the curtains and prepare to be transcended into a pure state of bliss!! “Be Crazy Dumbsaint Of The Mind”

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