REVIEW : Meliorist II

Its been nearly one year since Meliorist gave us their self titled EP and on December 1st they will be making available what is in my opinion their best work to date,”Meliorist ll”. The band will be launching their new EP at Brisbane’s Flamin Galah,December 1st alongside “Fragments” and “I and the divide”.
Their first single “My Reflection” was released October 26th and has been turning a lot of heads with its infectiously powerful groove and its avalanche of guitar that is complimented perfectly by the high energy vocal onslaught of Mathew Williams. The band was formed by guitarist Andrew Apte and drummer James Ollis back in 2015 and now consists of three more members in Samuel Schodel on bass,Maxim Lullfitz on guitar and Mathew Williams on vocals.
“Meliorist ll” is a release that demands attention. With Andrew Apte not only writing and recording on the EP but also taking care of producing and engineering, I would have to say that he has dead set nailed it. While the end result would not be what it is without the contributions of each member,what we are left with is something that cuts through and stands strong amongst the competition. Its something that’s going to push this band from Brisbane into some well deserved recognition.
The fourth track “Hollow” for me was the most unforgettable track off the EP.
The song features a guest guitar solo by Martin Miller that was a real highlight for me.
But in saying that though,the guitar work on this entire offering is without a doubt something to be admired. The second track to be released from “Meliorist ll” is a heavy slap in the face in which they have entitled “What You’ve Lost”.To me “Meliorist ll” is something I would certainly recommend to anyone who likes their music heavy and played with some genre defining musicianship.

So if your not already in Brisbane you should probably start making plans to get there by Friday December 1st for what will be a brutal night that will see the unveiling of “Meliorist ll” at the Flaming Galah bar in Brisbane city.
Until then,Be sure to check out “My Reflection” and “What You’ve Lost”.
Review by Josh Prosser
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