Q- What is the meaning or themes explored in your latest track ‘Water to Wine’?

I rarely start a track knowing exactly what it’s going to end up like, but with ‘Water to Wine’ it became this musical/stylistic homage to Sade, Michel Jackson and Brothers in Rhythm. Lyrically it was nice to be really open about how in relationships it can quite unnerving deciding to commit to someone at the expense of the single life lived previously.

Q- How did you first step into the music scene? 

Originally I studied jazz at Uni thinking all I wanted to do was play in smokey jazz clubs/bars. That kinda led to me meeting a lot of other musicians and singers in Sydney.

Q- If you were stranded on an island and you had to listen to one album, who and what album would it be? And why?

As of this minute, it’d probably be one that a) I’ve never been bored listening to; and b) has always made me excited to sing; and c) inspired me to write more – so, Channel Orange/Frank Ocean


Q- As an artist yourself, who are some other acts that you look up to?

People who have a beautiful sense of musicality but combine it with amazing lyricism and production – people like Frank Ocean, Dev Hynes, FKA Twigs, Nick Hakim, Leanne La Havas.

Q- What’s involved in the recording process of a song? 

Ultimately for me, the process is about finding a way to merge a narrative you believe in and/or have lived with sounds and vibes which match them. It can start anywhere though, whether that be from a lyrical idea/melody or a nice chord sequence/beat.

Q- Who are some Australian acts that you would be keen to collaborate with in the future?

Loving what Kllo are doing atm, and I’ve always loved The Presets.

Q- With the release of ‘Water to Wine’, do fans expect an album in the works or more music dropped soon?

I have lots of tunes that I could release but I’m writing so much new material right now so 2018 is going to be really fun deciding how we release all of them, whether that’s an EP or album.

Q- What is your relationship with Nick Murphy? How did you guys get working with each other 

It’s pretty much the same as it is for most artists that I have been called to play/sing for – their people approach you to play with them and then you go into an intense period of rehearsing and performing. Whilst I don’t do much of that stuff anymore I’ve been pretty lucky getting to work with some incredible artists.


Interview by  Madalyn Winter

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