Review : The Omnific – Kismet

Following up from their 2016 release “Sonorous”, The Omnific bring to the table yet another explosive, hard hitting E.P. titled ” Kismet”. On first listening to their latest offering I was immediately blown away at how well these three guys from Melbourne work with each other. With Mathew Fackrell and Toby Peterson on bass,Jerome Lematua is the perfect fit to this extremely talented trio of instrumentalist’s.
When you look up the definition of “Kismet” you will find that it is when you encounter something by chance that seems like it was meant to be. For me that is exactly what it was. The opening track “Proem” got me hook line and sinker.

If I had to try and define such a complex band that is “The Omnific”, I would have to go with Progressive,experimental,but in saying that there is so much more to their sound than just that.

Once you hear Jerome Lematua come in,everything just ties together. It takes you on a ride through beautifully structured melodies that bend in and out of time,leaving you wondering how what you had just heard was even possible.
The first single “Objects De Vertu” premiered on triple j’s The Racket on October 10th and the video clip to the same song has now had over 500,000 views. With the release all set for the 24th of November,it won’t be no surprise that there will be a lot of hype surrounding these guy’s.
Mainly because of how unique they are compared to anything else getting around these day’s.
With a band whose predominant instrument is the bass and the only accompaniment that it shares is with the drum’s and the keys, you can’t help but think that there is nothing really missing from this album. It has everything you didn’t know you even needed and more.
The third track “Bugbear” was the real standout one for me.. The haunting intro immediately captured a moment in time before taking me through a sea of progression that left me feeling a lot better about myself then I did before hearing it. All in all I can’t rate “Kismet” high enough.
It is an unforgettable experience written by three people who have seemingly mastered their respective instruments.
“Kismet” will leave you feeling like you are capable of making or doing anything; All creating.
Review by Josh Prosser

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