Review : Faux Bandit

The latest track from Brisbane band Faux Bandit delivers. Following their debut EP Flex, Every Man is a Pyramid Scheme sets the scene to excite fans for future projects.

The track gives you an oxymoronic sense of “Fresh Nostalgia”. It takes a formula that rock fans know and love and takes it into a direction that Faux Bandit makes contemporary, fresh and intuitive.

The guitar loop in the intro and verses give the song its modernism. This, coupled with the nostalgic punk vocal melodies, makes it a record that could potentially cement itself in its current sonic landscape for years to come. Vocalist/Guitarist Adam Brill has written a song that hooks you in from the start, its fast-paced nature subtly burrowing itself deep into the musical part of your brain. After a few listens, the chorus just sticks with you – it’s lively, effective and outrageously infectious.

The song’s bridge is the perfect come down, a welcome juxtaposition to the high-energy choruses. The instrumentation has a real psych-rock, celestial vibe that works in tandem with Brill’s transcendent crooning. Drummer Josh Johnston creates a subtle rise throughout the bridge that gears you up for that one final burst of pace in the last chorus.

The song is vocally gripping and melodically exciting. It has a memorable chorus, great bridge instrumental and compelling verses. Its high energy, high intensity vibe is well suited for a live setting, and is structured superbly to elicit head banging and aggressive swaying from punters in a mosh pit. Overall, it’s accessible, nostalgic and fun, one of those songs that slaps a toothy grin on your face whilst you’re bashing your head around in the air.

Review by Bradman Wilson

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