Review: The World Today – Hobo Magic

Queensland’s own riff lords Hobo Magic have just dropped an epic album that you need to listen to ASAP! This is Hobo Magic’s second album and we can safely say it is WAAAY more riff orientated which I think represents the band very well if you’ve ever seen their live show.

If you have seen them live you would be pretty accustomed to a majority of the songs on this album but if haven’t your ears are about to get a wake up call. Opening track is called ‘Follow The Holy Riff’, opening with a slow doomy / sludgy riff this song soon explodes into a lyrical tirade from front man Connor Mitchell. This song super reminds me of Sleep and Black Sabbath in that you find yourself almost head banging in slow motion feeling not a worry in the world.


If I had to pick a favourite track of this album it would be ‘Hobo Magic’ with a shoe in for second being ‘Frostbite’. It just has the most evil riff that just fires you up! Track number three is ‘Poet’ and it definitely shows the vast depth vocal range Connor has. Slowed down, stripped back almost sounds like a 70’s jazz/blues band. Almost hypnotising Hobo Magic ease in with melodic guitars and soft vocals (which is pretty much opposite to most Hobo Magic songs)

Next up is title track ‘The World Today’ ‘Frost Bite’ and yes they are both bangers. There’s honestly not much I can say about these songs without sounding super repetitive. All I can say is you can definitely tell that this band have put in 110% effort on this album and they aren’t like other bands pumping out sub standard music every couple of months. This is the first recorded music we’ve heard from these sunny coast rockers since 2014.

Ending this album is ‘Lady Of The Groove’, this track literally makes me want to grab my girlfriend and violently dance across the dance floor whilst everyone else dances normally. Really digging the drumming on this one, fast, clean and heavy just chilling behind the heavy riffs is just what you need on a Sunday arvo. Triple J if you’re reading this, show them some love already! Embarking on a ripper of a tour across Australia you can catch Hobo between Mackay and Ballarat! Check below for tour dates!


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