REVIEW: Figure It Out – Betty & Oswald

Sydney’s indie pop band Betty & Oswald have been making quite the racket. With the release of their freshly made single ‘Figure It Out’, this is only just the start of some awesome work from the band.

‘Figure It Out’ is a tune that has you drifiting into a gooey mess. The soothing vocals and slick intrumental work is a fab combination that makes ‘Figure It Out’ a stunning track in itself.

Figure It Out traces the contours of a relationship in which one person watches the seemingly irreconcilable demise of the other. There is a sense of anxiety when faced with the ephemeral nature of things–that the romance of youth, with all its delights and captivations, ultimately fades” mentions Betty & Oswald.

‘Figure It Out’ is a track taken from Betty & Oswald’s upcoming EP that’s due to be released in early 2018. In the meantime, be sure to get yourself a ticket to Betty & Oswald’s forthcoming single tour that hits a town near you in November.


Review by Madalyn Winter

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