Sunny Coast boys No Intelligent Life (N.I.L) have been causing a ruckus over the last year in the local/brisbane scene with their cut the bullshit live shows and they are playing this Sunday (8th) so we’ve decided to ask them a few questions about the band and what to expect from them!


You boys have been named one of the finalists for the Battle of The bands competition with the winner being awarded a spot on the Airlie Beach Festival of Music. How excited are you for your performance and how can your fans help you get to Airlie?

Honestly, we still can’t believe we made it through to the finals. It’s unreal, we haven’t really gotten much recognition for what we do before, so to say we’re excited is a bit of an understatement. To the fans, all we can say is come along on Sunday, buy a drink or 20 and swing us a vote. We’d love to win this but there is some serious talent here on the Coast. We’re just really happy to have made it this far and been a part of something this awesome. Also, we’re giving out free EP’s for everyone that votes for us, so there’s that.

What has been the highlight of your musical career so far?

Getting in the studio for the first time was pretty big for us, but the best highlight probably has to be talking, networking and meeting established people in the industry. We’ve had the opportunity to meet so many cool bands and people from the Coast and Brisbane that have totally different lives, but all have a common love for music and that’s just really powerful… man.

What bands do you look up to or aspire to sound like?

HAYDEN (Guitar and vocals): Nirvana, The Beatles, Black Sabbath.

LEVI (Bass guitar): Physics House Band, Blank Banshee, Buffalo

JEAN (Drums/percussion): Slipknot, Violent Soho, Animals as Leaders.


In your opinion how is the music scene on the Sunshine Coast and how can it improve?

Too many vegans with acoustic guitars singing about Mt. Coolum and yoga… Just kidding. The Coast has some pretty cool stuff happening at the moment, you’ve just got to dig. It’ll always be more laid back and toned down than Brisbane, but thats just the Coast vibe. Improving the Coast scene would probably consist of more venues supporting a full band setup and giving new and upcoming bands a safe place to play without worrying about “bums on seats” or “selling drinks”. If the venue is good and the music is good, people will come regardless, plus if the venue makes it a regular thing, they’re guaranteed more punters the next time, and the next, and the next.

If you could go on a world tour with 3 other Aussie acts who would they be and why?

HAYDEN: DZ Deathrays for sure, we’re pretty heavy for a 3 piece… these guys are heavier, teach us your ways.

LEVI: Balloons Kill Babies, as a fan of post metal these guys are sick, I’m yet to do a project like that myself though… a man can dream right?

JEAN: King Parrot because they are the loosest Australian act I’ve ever seen live. They offended me and made me laugh at the same time.


What band or bands do you think are killing it on the coast right now?

Crap, where do we start? In no particular order: Fight Ibis, The Unknowns, Big Whoops, Los Laws, The Rizlas, Moose Knuckle, Black Banner, The Quaker’s, Toxic Fox, VIIRGO… us… there’s a ton more but you get the idea, there’s really no shortage of great bands on the Coast right now.

You have a new ep out, I’ve been listening to it in my car all week, how much feedback have you had since the release?

Funny you ask, the feedback we’ve gotten is mostly positive, although its not doing as well as we hoped and even with the price drop on BandCamp ($4) its still not really selling. People don’t like the idea of paying for music anymore so we’ve had to take countermeasures… handing out free physical copies at gigs, our focus is getting it into circulation and letting word of mouth do the rest.

What can your fans expect from you guys for the remainder of 2017 / 2018?

We’ve got shows lined up for the rest of the year and early next year. One of those we’re actually putting on ourselves on the 24th November at The Back Room in Brisbane, its a crazy line up and we’re really hoping for a mad turn out. We’ve been looking into doing some more music videos too. We’ve also been jamming and writing a lot since we recorded and we’ve got quite a few new songs under our belts, some of which you may have heard live already, so another recoding session in mid-late 2018 probably isn’t out of the question.

Your trapped on an island with one album what would it be and why?

HAYDEN – Black Sabbath, Vol. 4: There are some seriously evil riffs on this album and its the perfect example of finding a formula and milking it dry.

LEVI – The Earth is not a Cold Dead Place, Explosions in the Sky: It seems fitting that an album influenced by a remote sandy place should be listened to in one.

JEAN – Currents, Tame Impala: It’s their most recent and my favourite stuff, passing out on an island to it just makes sense

What’s your funniest tour story?

We don’t really any super funny stories, we did all almost die once coming home from a gig but that’s not really funny story… sorry mum and dad.


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