INTERVIEW: L.A. Witch Chats New Single and Possible AUS Tour

We had a chat to L.A based “L.A. WITCH” about their most recent release  “Baby in blue jeans” and a possible  Australia tour! How great would it be to see these bad ass ladies “down undaa”
1.     you’ve only recently released your single ‘baby in blue jeans’  how has that release boosted your bands overall popularity?
IRITA: This is one of our newer songs, and one of my favorites to play. It seems like other people like it as well, and that feels really good.
2.     Where did you record “baby in blue jeans” and how much thought process went into the recording?
IRITA: We recorded this for our album at Hurley Studios in Costa Mesa, with Jon Berry. We had a few days off in between two rather intensive tours, so we were already quite well rehearsed and we just went in and powered through it.

3.     In Australia, some bands with female members have stated that some venues either don’t take them seriously and in some harsh instances wont book their band. Have you faced any of those difficulties in America?
IRITA: To be quite honest, the only instances where things like this come up is actually during interviews! I haven’t personally noticed any type of discriminatory practices against women in our scene, in fact I feel like it’s almost the opposite. We’ve always had really strong support from fellow female musicians – Lucy Miyaki from Tashaki Miyaki helped us record our debut EP, Julie Edwards Pirrone from Deap Vally took us under her wing and gave us some great insight and advice, and Allison Mosshart and The Kills brought us on our first major tour. There’s a lot of women in LA that are bad ass musicians and help support the scene by writing articles, making zines, or throwing workshops and festivals. 
4.     What are the chances of seeing LA Witch coming ‘Down Under’ and if so do you have any places you definitely want to visit?
IRITA: I have heard from a very reliable source that this may happen some day soon. I would love to see the Great Barrier Reef (if and while possible), meet a koala, and have a nice meat pie.
5.     Music outlets have labelled your band as sounding like “Dirty Distorted Country” and “Haunted Surf Rock” if you had to describe your band under any genre, what would it be?
IRITA: Dark Droney Reverb Rock
6.     If you were stuck on a deserted island somewhere and you could only have one album what would it be and why?
IRITA: Washing Machine by Sonic Youth because it’s really long.
7.     Where is your favourite place to play and why?
IRITA: Playing in Europe is great, it feels like everyone has a vast knowledge of music and they treat you like real artists. London, Berlin and Paris were all really great. And also Hamburg, surprisingly. Mexico City was fun because everyone was super stoked, and there was always great energy from the crowd. 
8. What can your fans expect from the remainder of 2017 and start of 2018? More touring or more recording? 
IRITA: We leave for Europe in a few days, come home and then do a full US run for a month and a half. And then who knows? Maybe we’ll take a dip down under…
9. What bands/artist do you look up to or try and sound like?
IRITA: I don’t think we ever consciously try to sound like anyone. But some of my faves are The Gun Club, Wipers, BJM, Black Sabbath.
10.  Have you heard any/many Australian acts and if so, who are you digging at the moment?
IRITA: King Gizzard is great. 

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