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World Vs One is a two-man hardcore/metal band from Tasmania who have just dropped this epic new single “Let It Out”. Bringing heavy riffs and a pretty intense vocal range WVO will raise the hairs on any metal heads neck! We had the pleasure of interviewing the two guys behind WVO and they chat about what goes into producing a good metal song with only two members.



Q: You just released a new single “Let it Out” what went into producing this song and how long did it take?

A: A fuck ton of time and effort haha and probably about 5 or 6 months give or take. It was our first time writing in G and doing vocals outside of screaming so all that was a huge step up/change for us and we were second guessing a lot of it throughout the writing process as it was such a big change of style for us. It was also our first time working with a producer which definitely helped as just having that extra third input for help was great as we’re only ever used to just having each other’s opinions go back and forth. But overall, we’re glad we took a step outside of our comfort zone because the feedback has been insane and we couldn’t be happier. We’ve honestly been blown away. 


Q: Being a two-man hardcore/metal band how has that affected your process in recording music?

A: Oh man it’s so time consuming and so much hard work. Especially finding time outside of work/life in general. But it’s helped us grow together musically for sure. We’re both 21/22 and have been writing together since we were 17 and have self tought ourselves everything we know. There is absolutely no substitute for hard work and dedication when it comes to music, and that’s all World vs One has ever been. Hard work and dedication. Hence why it usually takes us 4 – 6 months between releases as we don’t have the perk of 4/5 members having an input to help quicken the writing process and don’t want to release something half-assed and unless we’re 100% happy with it. Writing together over the years has formed a bond that can never be broken, we’re not just in a band together we are best mates doing what we love.


Q: Can we expect more music from World VS One in 2017? Possible album/ep?

A: We already have another single nearly completely written instrumentally so hopefully we’ll have it released sooner rather than later. We’re not going to attempt writing an album unless we happen to find more members who share the same passion and motivation as us since we’re still experimenting and finding our own unique and original sound. Like I said before we’re only 21/22, we still have a lot growing and evolving to do.


Q: Any chance of getting more band members and touring?

A: Stay tuned.

Q: You have released a handful of releases over the last year or two, how have the previous releases shaped your process of “Let it Out”?

A: Experience and learning, and that’s basically it man. We self-teach ourselves everything and are far from lazy, we pride ourselves on the hard work and time we put into our music and it’s finally starting to give us recognition. In our eyes fans and recognition aren’t given, they’re earned. We were 17 when we wrote our older songs, everyone has to start somewhere, and even though we dislike our older songs we wouldn’t change a thing as it’s helped shape what we are today.


Q: Is there a juicy story behind the name of World Vs One?

A: Sort of man, we wanted something that sounds cool, looks cool and stays in people’s heads and that was something we liked. But basically the idea behind it is that you can achieve anything against all odds with the right amount of determination and hard work and to hopefully inspire people. The same suits us well I think because being a band from tassie it sometimes feels like all the odds in the world are against us.


Q: Your breakdowns are super heavy, how much time of the recording do you allocate to it?

A: Not a real lot to be honest, once a catchy riff is written a heavy breakdown kind of comes with it. Takes a bit of time but the hardest thing we find is writing something we both like, we’ve trashed countless ideas before both agreeing on something we both like. But that’s the perk of writing with your best mate, we’re not afraid to tell each other whether what we’ve written is shit or not.


Q: What’s the music scene like in Tassie?

A: There’s a few decent bands down here but since we’re only a two-man band and can’t play live we can’t get involved in the metal scene as much as we’d like. In general, mainly it’s full of tossers who worship DJ’s and have no idea what goes into real music, but each to their own.


Q: If you were trapped on an island with only one album what would it be and why?

A: Andrew – Such a hard choice between The Poison or Fever by Bullet For My Valentine, if I had to pick I’d have to say The Poison though, that whole album is flawless.

Jake – Scream Aim Fire by Bullet for My Valentine has some of my favourite songs on it. But I grew up loving Carpathian, So It would definitely be Carpathians album Isolation. Got me through a lot of shit growing up and really connected with the lyrics.


Q: If you had to choose 3 Australian bands to go on a world tour with, who would it be and why?

A: 1) Parkway Drive (No explanation needed)
2) Thy Art Is Murder (Because as an aussie band who the fuck wouldn’t)
3) AC/DC (So we can thunderstruck VB every day #YTB)


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