New Clear Vision have absolutely out-done themselves with this debut album. We had an initial taste of this album when they released a single “No More Screams” which automatically got my attention and raised some hairs on my neck. Singing about a domestic abuse victim over coming their attacker, Brad (lead singer) spits some truth and is backed up by some haunting riffs. The impressive aspect of this song is that it is fast and furious in fact it takes you on a riff rollercoaster thats over in 2 minutes flat.

This album starts off with “prelude” a simple track which is essentially just drums and bass. We know that probably doesn’t sound like a Nu metal track but it is the best intro considering track 2 (Open Your Eyes) slaps you in face immediately with brutality. Definitely a song you would need a language warning if your showing your kids, Singer (Brad Bromfield) sings about racism and how we need to change for our children’s generations.

To be honest this album is a bit of a genre rollercoaster with lots of different genres being thrown around with each track having a different sound. This is to awesome effect showing the depth of musical talent the guys at NCV have. At points of listening to this album I was hearing punk (protest punk), thrash metal, hardcore, hip hop and groove metal. Usually I don’t like it when bands try and have different sounds but I think NCV pull it off very well.

My favourite track off this album is  “My Reprisal” because it sound as if Skindred and Anthrax had a baby and thats bloody insane! I can just picture this live, everyone moshing and getting absolutely out of their minds with riffs that will shake  the body of the most un enthusiastic person!

In conclusion we are rating this album 9/10 and calling it already that this album will climb the iTunes and triple  j charts! expect the rise of NCV to skyrocket in the coming weeks!


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