$trickly Brown – No Option$ Review and Q&A

Interview and Review by Madalyn Winter

Kaydin Bhana or commonly known as $trickly Brown has recently dropped a single that is hot and fresh out of the oven! ‘No Options’ which features XCLUSIIVE on the track is a mixture of inventive lyrics and crisp beats. $trickly Brown who is a Sunshine Coast resident, has built his fan base from all different types of music lovers.

With the release of ‘No Options’, $trickly Brown has received well deserved recognition and praise for the track. Brown who went on a trip to America last year said that while he was there, it had inspired him to continue making tunes and create some ‘off the hook’ sounds.

“America definitely inspired me in so many ways, from the New York City life style to people selling there mixtapes on the streets! seeing that hunger and talent over there made me think like ” Damn these people are really out here HUSTLIN” doing everything they can to push there music most of them having to work 3 different jobs a day! So that just made me feel greatful to be in the position I am and blessed to have the opportunities in the Australian music scene and platforms that I have too help release and promote my music!”

Artist influences such as J.Cole, Chris Brown and 2Pac, $trickly Brown has moulded his own unique sound, atmosphere and lyrics to call his own. $trickly Brown who writes, records and produces his music in his studio on the Sunshine Coast, the talent from the young man is clearly shown through ‘No Options’ as well as previous singles.

It’s easy to say that $trickly Brown is an artist to keep an eye out for and we have ‘No Option’ but to play his music at your next house party!


What was it like working with XCLUSIIVE on your latest track ‘No Option$’? 

XCLUSIIVE is my youngest brother aged 14, so it was definitely a trip working together on No options! I told him I’ve been working on this new track and showed him the rough vocals on the record, and he started Vibing out, and literally just started writing his verse! XCLUSIIVE has always had an ear for the latest and popular rap music, also a talented producer! He has produced a few tracks for my upcoming projects, so everyone can definitely look forward too some more XCLUSIIVE music! So That night we recorded the rest of the track and started planning on more collaborations and music videos for the future.

Who are some of your biggest influences in music?

2 PAC, Kendrick Lamar, J.cole , Joey Badda$, Drake, Bryson tiller, SchoolboyQ.

If you were stranded on an island and you had to listen to only one album, who and what album would it be and why?

Joey bada$$ – B4DA$$ I had this album playing in my car for about 6 months straight and too this day the tracks on that album will never get old!!  The reason I love this album so much is because the stories he paints with his lyrics is on another level! One song that really stood out to me was “Paper trail$” he explains how money has controlled us, which most of us can relate to because Everybody needs money to survive in today’s society! There’s a part in the song where he says C.R.E.A.M if you break it down it actually means “cash rules everything around me”. To me that is so true our generation is so controlled and driven by money and material things!! So being stranded on an island would almost be away to escape from today’s distractions hahah would be Good to go back to basics.

When and where was ‘No Option$’ recorded? What was the inspiration behind this song? 

No options was recorded in my home studio in my room. I’m not really into recording in environments I’m not used to. Lots of thing inspired me to create this track but I guess the main message behind the lyrics was to motivate people to follow their dreams and never giving up when it gets tough. If you give yourself no option but to succeed! Then you will no doubt prosper in whatever it is your doing!!

How did your music career kick off?

I started my musical journey in 2015 releasing a lot of covers as well as original music, but these last few years I’ve been figuring out how to take my music and creative ideas to the next level! As well as finding my sound as an artist!!

What else do we expect to see from $trickly Brown this year?

Expect more collaborations, videos and also a mixtape that I’ve been working extremely hard on these past 6 months! Expect the unexpected !!

New Single No Option$ is now available  on Spotify


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