Interview : Sahara Beck Talks About How We Can Grow Our Local Scene

This week we welcome our newest member of the Music Beyond Headlines family!
Our new writer Madalyn Winter had the pleasure of talking to Sahara Beck about how we can grow our local scene and The Currie Street Music Crawl!

 How did it feel to support Ballpark Music during their Sunshine Coast leg of the ‘Every Night The Same Dream’ tour last year?

“It was a lot of fun, I’ve always respected their music and it was great to get to know the people behind the music and make some new friends.”

What has been the highlight of your music career so far?

“There are many highlights. I think something that I always wanted to do was to at least meet the cat empire and I got to tour with them in 2016 so that was a big highlight.”

Do you feel that moving to Brisbane as a teenager helped you surround yourself in a bigger music community?


 As a Sunshine Coast local myself, do you believe that we need to encourage the music scene here more?

“I think there is a growing music scene on the sunshine coast and more and more people are starting to support eachother and help eachother and the scene grow. However I do believe that it would be great if there were even more opportunities for bands that come through to play on the sunshine coast. Having a larger variety of venues is helpful for any music scene I think!”

 Who are your top three artists that you are listening to right now?

“The Gorillaz, Led Zeppelin, Homeshake”

I see you have been invited to perform at the upcoming Currie Street Music Crawl in July, are you excited to be amongst other Sunshine Coast talent?

“Definitely! I love coming home and getting amongst the local scene and discovering new sunshine coast bands.”

Who has inspired you to become the artist you are today?

“Many people. For me the most important thing is to just keep going because everyone is constantly changing and it’s important to keep believing in yourself and knowing that if you stick with something that eventually you will get some sort of success. For this I’ve had many strong friends and family around me telling me to stay strong, I couldn’t point the finger at just one person.”

If you were stranded on an island and you had to listen to one album for the rest of your life, who’s album would it be and why?

“Led Zeppelin I. ( I could probably just end up listenning to Dazed and confused on repeat for ever)”

How was the experience of performing at the BigSound festival in 2015?

“It was a dream come true. I got to bring a big band a long and the crowd reaction was huge and unbelievable! I’ll never forget that experience as long as I live.”

Why is it so important to get out there and support local music?

“If there’s no one present at gigs, if there’s no one there to purchase the artists music, how do they continue playing? If you like a musicians music, you need to be the one who goes out and supports them otherwise they wont be able to afford to continue.”

Interview conducted by Madalyn Winter


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